USEFUL LINKS - Some interesting avenues to pursue


    Here are a few useful or interesting links to further your exploration of the topics covered on this website.

  1. If you’d like to convert a price to your own currency, here’s an online currency converter.

  1. If you’re more interested in gold coins than gold nuggets, have a look at Cruzis Coins for some great information. To purchase gold coins in Australia, the Perth Mint produces and sells new gold coins, whilst older and rarer gold coins can be found at places like KJC in Sydney. There are also many overseas coin dealers such as SDL and Gainesville Coins.

  1. If you’re more interested in gold bullion than gold nuggets, Gold Bullion Australia and USA Gold Centennial Precious Metals Inc are good places to start.

  1. And of course, make sure you’re fully informed and suitably knowledgeable before entering into any investments, gold related or not. There’s lots of information available on common scams to watch out for - the Australian government site SCAMwatch has some good general information.