NUGGET GALLERY - Gold nuggets and other interesting items


    Here you’ll find a range of beautiful and engaging gold nuggets for sale, as well as other interesting related items. Remember, when you purchase from this site you are purchasing direct from the prospector, so no middle-man trader or shop driving up the price. You also receive a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing the nugget’s pedigree - every nugget on this site is a natural nugget, dug straight from the ground. If you don’t absolutely love your nugget when it arrives, I gladly refund the purchase price on its return (not including postage). Also for your convenience, and to ensure you buy with total confidence, please click for notes on Measurements, for some Buyer’s Tips, for notes on Delivery, and for some Customer Feedback.

    I’ve organised the nuggets into the below size categories. All prices are in Australian dollars. Don’t forget to see the Other Items gallery below for something different.

    And now I hope you enjoy viewing these wonderful Australian gold nuggets....