Australian gold nuggets - from the prospector to you


    Welcome to Ollie’s Outback Nuggets, a site devoted to the subject of gold, where you can visit my Nugget Gallery or use the top menu bar to find out all there is to know about gold.

    I’m particularly fascinated by gold nuggets - those beautiful creations of nature which I’m sometimes lucky enough to find. It’s a thrill indeed to dig one out of the dirt and feel its weight in my hand... I love the adventure of it, and I love the thought that each of my finds, no matter how big or small, will be treasured by someone. Whether they’re treasured in my own private collection, or treasured by those buying their very own gold nuggets from me via this site, as long as they go to a good home and are appreciated, I’m happy.

    I also hope this site succeeds in sharing the wonder I find in the subject of gold as a whole. It’s a fascinating topic and I’ve discovered many amazing facts over the years. If you’re curious about how gold forms, what properties it has, or how gold has become so highly valued by society, I invite you to explore this site... You’ll find the answers to all those questions, plus many more you never thought to ask. What are the characteristics of gold that held such attraction for ancient peoples? How much fact is there in the legend of King Midas? How deeply does gold affect the society we live in today? The answers will surprise you.

    So I hope you enjoy learning about gold using the links in the top menu bar, or feel free to head straight to the Nugget Gallery to find your own special nugget.

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